Hiding in Plain Sight: Clever Ways to Camouflage Home Technology

When it comes to home technology, the technology can easily steal the show. There are so many amazing home automation gadgets available for every aspect of life now, but without some smart design strategies, you could end up feeling like you live in an electronics store. Fortunately, a fully-automated home with the latest home technology doesn’t have to feel like you’re living in an episode of The Jetsons. At BlueVision, we take a holistic approach to incorporating technology into residential spaces, ensuring that the technology complements your home instead of competing with it.

3 Reasons to Invest in Hidden Home Technology

We work with the top companies in hidden home technology to create subtly elegant systems for Atlanta homeowners. From Inca TV lifts, to Séura bespoke lighted mirrors, to TRUFIG flush mounts and many other high-end brands, we have the solutions to create your ideal home environment. Here are three reasons to give us a call: 

You’ll never have to sacrifice style. 

Smart home devices, entertainment technology, and practical elements like HVAC and light control have a major impact on your enjoyment of home. However, while you might like the functionality they provide, the look of all that technology can leave a lot to be desired. Luckily, that’s where we excel!

You don’t have to sacrifice having a beautiful home in order to incorporate all of the home technology you want. Our clients are often amazed at the level of subtlety we’re able to achieve with our installations, regardless of interior design style. Whether your home is ornate and historic or sleek and minimalist, we’ll preserve the beauty of your home while giving you the best technology at your fingertips. These are just a few examples of how we do so, but remember, the possibilities are endless!


You control access.

Another common reason why homeowners request concealed or less-visible installation options is to control access. Whether it’s kids, staff, or houseguests, you don’t want people fiddling around with your settings. Keep your environmental and entertainment systems just how you want them by combining hidden controls and biometric personal security measures like fingerprint scanners or facial recognition.

Make your home work for you. 

Finally, home technology is all about making your home work harder for you. In many cases, that means making a space work for different uses at different times. We can help you optimize multi-use rooms in your home with a variety of solutions, allowing you to transition spaces from work to play, from function to leisure. One of the most popular examples of this, by far, is the hidden TV. 

There are so many options for hidden televisions now, and you won’t believe how stealthy some of them are. From Séura’s TV mirrors that switch from a decor element to a television at the click of a button, to VisionArt’s hidden TV frames in high-end finishes like gilding, lacquered or stained wood, and leather, there’s no reason for your television to be an eyesore when not in use.
Another excellent option for hiding televisions is the use of lifts, like Inca’s floor and ceiling lifts. Any room can turn into your own personal theater with a TV that descends from the ceiling, rises out of the floor, or even flips out of hiding on a Pullout and Swivel system


No matter what your home technology challenge may be, BlueVision can help you achieve the perfect marriage of form and function. Our relationships with leading home technology innovators ensure that we have the solutions to fit any home, design aesthetic, and lifestyle. Give us a call at 404-835-7342 or contact us online to discuss your next Atlanta home technology project.

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