Outdoor Home Tech Upgrades to Kick Off Football Season

As the unofficial end of summer approaches, it’s time to look ahead to fall … And of course, football season! If you’re a football fan, now’s the time to make some smart home technology upgrades to your outdoor living space so you can enjoy it all season long. We’ve got everything you need to create your dream space, from outdoor TVs and speakers to landscape lighting and shade solutions

3 Tips for Getting Your Deck or Patio Ready for Football Season

Invest in premium outdoor audio and video.

If watching football is your priority, make sure you do it right! Investing in a high-quality outdoor audio/video system ensures that the game is the center of attention. With today’s outdoor TV technology, you can watch outside without sacrificing quality. Don’t worry about sun glare or reduced clarity; we highly recommend Samsung’s The Terrace television, which takes outdoor screenings to a new level.

The Terrace TV is the first TV in the industry to be officially verified for outdoor visibility performance by Underwriters Laboratories. Why we recommend it: 

  • Key for sports fans, The Terrace has Motion Rate 240 to minimize motion blur. That means smooth, crisp picture quality even in the most action-packed plays, so you don’t miss a moment.
  • The Terrace offers a wide viewing angle with anti-glare technology, QLED 4K, 2,000+ nit brightness, and 100% color volume with Quantum Dot. 
  • This TV is IP55 rated for weather resistance, providing dust and water protection — essential in the humid, pollen-heavy spring months here in Atlanta. The included HD Base-T Receiver provides easy, one-cable installation, and the built-in Media Bay supports media sticks while protecting from water and dust.
  • It’s also available in partial sun and full sun options, so you can pick the display strength that best fits your outdoor space.
  • The Terrace features Smart TV powered by Tizen, delivering an intuitive user experience and convenient voice control. 
  • This outdoor smart TV also plays well with other tech, so you can mirror phone content on the big screen with just a tap, or even view phone content and the game at the same time with Multi View. 

When lounging, grilling, or playing with the kids, you’ll want to hear the game commentary, so let us help you design an outdoor audio system that sounds as good as The Terrace TV looks. We have years of experience designing and installing both indoor and outdoor audio systems, so we know how to create the optimal sound experience for any setting. Whether you’re keeping an ear out for the game, relaxing with your favorite tunes, or having an outdoor movie night, we can make sure the audio is top-notch with speakers and other audio technology from Meridian, Paradigm, James Loudspeakers, Heos, Sonos, and JL Audio, just to name a few. 

Create comfortable seating spaces.

While the audio and video components of your outdoor living space may be the most exciting, don’t forget the basics. You’ll want to create comfortable areas for lounging, with a variety of seating options, especially if you like to entertain. A mix of outdoor sectionals, lounge chairs, and bar seating is ideal for most outdoor living areas.

One of the most overlooked aspects to designing outdoor spaces is the need for shade. The Atlanta sun can be punishing at peak hours, even in the fall and spring, so including shade control is crucial to enjoying your space. Fortunately, we can help with automated shade systems that keep the sun out when you want, but also allow you to raise them and enjoy the view once the sun has shifted. 

Set the ambiance for any mood.

Once evening arrives, you have the opportunity to really make an impact with automated lighting control. If you think your deck or patio looks great during the day, just wait until you see the possibilities for nighttime with a huge array of colorful mood lighting options, strategic landscape lighting, and even sound-responsive light effects. We partner with high-end brands like Crestron, Savant, and Lutron to create custom environments that elevate your enjoyment of home, all with easy-to-use smart home tech so you can change the vibe with just a tap.   


So, what does your ideal outdoor space look like? Whatever you have in mind, BlueVision can make it happen with the best home automation technology for your Atlanta home. Give us a call at 404-835-7342, or stop by our smart home showroom in Roswell at Mansell Commons. 







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