Customize Your Home Inside and Out with Savant’s New Universal Remote 

Home automation technology is ultimately about personalization, allowing you to create the ideal environment — whatever that means to you — throughout your home. Customize climate control, lighting, privacy, security, entertainment, and music to fit your lifestyle, and control them all with a touch or word using Savant’s new Pro Remote X2. Keep reading to learn why this Savant remote is one of our favorite home technology products.

(Remote) Control Freak: Choosing the Best Home Technology Controller Is Key

We offer a wide range of home automation services in Atlanta, from home control and security systems to distributed audio and video, outdoor lighting, and even automated shade control. Managing all of the systems of a fully-automated home could easily become confusing without a centralized control system, which is why choosing a home controller is one of the most important home technology decisions you’ll make. Say goodbye to the days of hunting for the right remote for each system and space in your home; the Savant Pro Remote X2 is a one-and-done solution that makes home customization easy for everyone who touches it.

Why We Love the Savant Pro Remote X2

This small-yet-mighty remote does it all: entertainment, lighting, climate control, shades, and much more.

To Each Their Own

Humanity is a rich tapestry, and it would be boring if we all liked the exact same things. However, it can get pretty annoying to get your surroundings “just right” only to have someone else come in and change everything! Fortunately you can avoid the back-and-forth with your housemates by setting up individual profiles on your X2 remote. Easily manage users and switch between customized interfaces with this beautiful, intuitive controller.

Don’t hesitate to program your remote for any potential mood. Savant’s X2 allows you to create multiple custom interfaces per user, so you can queue up a chill study vibe, an energetic dance party, or a romantic dinner ambiance with just a click. 

And don’t worry; while the X2 allows for complex granular control of your home technology systems, you can also customize each family member’s profile to deliver appropriately personalized experiences, like a stripped-down selection of apps or kid-friendly entertainment options. Hosting houseguests? You can deliver the ultimate hospitality by creating guest profiles that put certain features front and center while hiding others that you don’t want changed. You can even restrict edits to your settings with PIN protection.

As You Like It

Your style is unique, so why shouldn’t your home remote follow suit? Choose Rose Gold, Jet Black, or Space Gray to coordinate your controller with your home decor. 

Of course, function is just as important as form, so you can also customize your screen layouts with your favorite channels, music, and lighting. Arrange your home screen to fit your preferences, and lock in your choices with passcode protection or change them on the fly. Even the hard buttons can be customized for one-touch access to your favorite scenes and settings.

Buttons and touch screens have their place, but we know that many homeowners today want the convenience of voice integration. The X2 delivers with Siri voice control. You can also choose between the classic Savant Remote interface or an updated view with room images. Install the Savant Home App and with just a touch, you can see a full screen view of your control center on any TV, or view security feeds in crystal clear Savant TrueImage lighting.

You don’t have to be a control freak to enjoy the incredible level of customization this universal remote provides. Give us a call today to learn more about integrating your home technology systems with Savant. 

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