How to Display NFT Art

NFTs (non-fungible tokens) have been in the headlines quite a bit lately, with several record-breaking sales bringing increased attention to the previously esoteric field. As the crypto-adjacent frontier of the contemporary art world, understanding what NFTs are is essential for serious art collectors. However, even for those who understand the technological concept of NFTs, a big question remains: How do you display NFT art?  

What is NFT Art?

As Sam Dean puts it in the Los Angeles Times, an NFT is a 

“[U]nique digital file…stored on a blockchain network, with any changes in ownership verified by a worldwide network and logged in public. That means that the chain of custody is marked in the file itself permanently, and it’s practically impossible to swap in a fake.” 

Similar to a certificate of authenticity, NFTs prove the lineage of ownership for a digital file, whether it’s an NBA video clip or a jpg of a meme. When it comes to NFT art, the NFT itself will usually include a link to the original image or video file of the artwork. So, how can NFT art be displayed? Simply put, you can display it the same way you would any other digital file — by showing it on your smart TV, tablet, digital picture frame, or some other type of screen.

How to Display NFT Art

If you’ve invested in NFT artwork, you probably won’t want it to languish in your hardware wallet or display it on any run-of-the-mill home electronics. Instead, you’ll want to show it off in your home or office, just like you would with a physical painting or sculpture. The great thing about NFTs is that, unlike a physical work of art, you can enjoy having your NFT on display without subjecting it to potential damage from light, heat, humidity, erosion, fingerprints, or insects. 

There are many options out already for displaying NFTs, ranging from the aforementioned “digital picture frames” to high-end TVs and monitors. However, we’re proud to offer a luxury NFT display solution for serious art collectors: The Blackdove Digital Canvas

Display NFTs with the Blackdove Digital Canvas

blackdove digital canvas nft art

The Digital Canvas from Blackdove is an Ultra HD display that can be hung in either landscape or portrait orientation. A 500 nit output ensures that the display is bright enough to shine even in daylight, and the Digital Canvas is rated for 24/7 operation for 5 years, with a 3 year warranty. 

Sizes range from 49” to 98”, and multiples can be combined for an immersive experience, so you can create an art gallery or video installation right in your home. They are available in several framing options to coordinate with your interior design style.

Blackdove Digital Canvases also integrate with Crestron and Savant, some of our featured brands, so you can control yours just as easily as you would with any of your other home technology devices. NFTs are an investment, so it’s important to note that Blackdove securely stores and manages your NFT collection in addition to providing a gorgeous display. Need some guidance? You can even subscribe to Blackdove to access curated collections of contemporary digital art from some of the biggest names in the market. Get help from art advisors to find the art that fits your design aesthetic, or commission a one-of-a-kind piece. With a single subscription, you can also change and rotate the art on an unlimited number of displays.

Blackdove’s Digital Canvas and art library can be used to create a stunning centerpiece for your home’s interior design. If you’re ready to embrace the future of fine art, get in touch with BlueVision! We can help you integrate NFTs into your home with elegant style and cutting-edge technology. 

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