3 Ways Home Automation Can Streamline Your Family’s Busy Schedule

The lazy days of summer are over for another year, and with kids back in school, parents have their hands full with busy family schedules. It’s a lot to juggle, and the stress can get to everyone, from adults to kids. Fortunately, home automation technology can help you streamline your family routine for a happier, calmer, and more efficient day-to-day life. busy computer stress work

Home Automation Tips for Family Organization

Wake Up On the Right Side of the Bed

It’s hard enough to get yourself up on time, but add sleepy kids to the mix, and getting out of the door in the morning can start to feel like running the gauntlet. Say goodbye to rude awakenings by programming the perfect start to your morning. Instead of blaring alarm clocks, you could wake up to sunlight and your favorite songs thanks to automated window shades and an integrated home audio system. Customize wake-up routines for each member of the family and enjoy weekday mornings that set the tone for a good day.

Keep Track of Your Crew

Multiple kids means multiple schedules for school, sports, activities, playdates, and doctor appointments, not to mention any support staff you may employ for housekeeping, childcare, or pet care. Keep track of who is coming and going with features like smart locks and home monitoring. For example, you can set up individual entry codes so that you get a text alert when your child comes home after school, or when your dog walker enters and exits your home.

Manage—And Maximize—Screen Time

Modern parents are well aware of the need to regulate screen time, but actually enforcing those restrictions can be more challenging than any of us could ever have imagined in our pre-internet childhoods. Fortunately, today you can fight fire with fire, so to speak, by using home technology to manage your kids’ access to the internet, video games, and TV.

If you want to ensure that homework and chores get done right after school, you can disable the Wi-Fi, or even power down select electronics from your phone. You’ll be amazed at how quickly your kids can finish their schoolwork or unload the dishwasher when their electronic devices are on the line. 
Of course, home technology isn’t all work and no play. We can also help you integrate high-quality audio and video into your home with whole home audio systems, high resolution video, and high speed cable and internet for optimal gaming, streaming, and listening. Movie night in your own home theater is the perfect way to reconnect and decompress after a hectic week of work and school.

Make Home Technology Work for You

At BlueVision, we believe that technology can and should make life easier for you, and we’ve been putting that into practice for clients throughout Atlanta and the US for over 15 years. If you’re looking for home automation solutions in Atlanta, give us a call at 404-835-7342 or connect via our online form. We look forward to helping you harness the power of home automation technology to enhance your enjoyment of home and what really matters—the people you share it with.


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