Light Up the Night with Coastal Source Outdoor Lighting

Christmas lights, Diwali fireworks, Hanukkah menorahs, winter solstice yule logs—in almost every place and time, the darkness of winter has inspired humans to light up the night. Fortunately, you can now illuminate the night in style with home technology solutions from BlueVision. Today we’re highlighting one of our fantastic vendors, Coastal Source Outdoor Lighting

Premium Outdoor Lighting Solutions for Your Atlanta Home

The Coastal Source patented outdoor lighting system elevates outdoor and landscape lighting from merely functional to an essential aspect of your home. Elegantly simple forms and finishes make these outdoor light fixtures attractive and unobtrusive, allowing the architecture of your home and the beauty of your landscaping to shine.  

We use a variety of Coastal Source products to create custom outdoor lightscapes:

  • Path, Nose, Step, and Lip Lights – Targeted downlighting, helps with safety, reduces risk of trips/falls, and can make walkways and stairways into focal point of landscape design
  • FLEX Niche & Niche Lights – Small, unobtrusive, extremely targeted lighting that can be used for safety/function (paths, stairs) or to create beautiful lighting design schemes that highlight architectural features, plants, rocks, etc.
  • Match Lights – Walkway lighting that adds style, sculptural element of landscape
  • Bullet Lights, Well Lights, Tree Lights, Hanging Lights – Options for uplighting and downlighting, moonlighting. Light trees, natural features, structures to create focal points and create ambiance
  • Wash Lights –  Illuminate a wall/plane of a structure, small shrubs, etc. These “wash” a large area with uniform illumination, which can contribute to lighting design and home security

Why Outdoor Lighting Matters

  • Investment in curb appeal – Outdoor lighting can highlight your home’s best features, increasing your curb appeal and even raising the value of your home. 
  • Increase use of your outdoor living spaces – An outdoor space that you love in the day may quickly become obsolete when night falls. Extend the use of your favorite outdoor areas with smart lighting solutions.
  • Add atmosphere/ambianceA carefully planned lighting feature can change the entire atmosphere of your outdoor spaces, creating a warm and welcoming atmosphere that’s perfect for entertaining.
  • Security – Smart outdoor lighting design shows off landscaping while also eliminating areas where a burglar could easily hide.
  • Show off landscaping – You’ve invested time and money into your landscape – don’t leave it in the dark! Choose lighting solutions designed to show off your landscaping features.
  • Safety – prevent trips/falls – At night, the right outdoor lights allow you and others to move around safely in the dark.

There’s nothing better than relaxing, entertaining and exploring in your own backyard this winter. Turn to the experts at Coastal Source Outdoor Lighting to help you create the perfect outdoor environment and light up the night!

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