Beauty of the Machine: Finding the Perfect Design for High-Resolution Audio


Blue Vision Partners With Meridian Audio for Authenticity in Sound

Like with all of our manufacturing partners, we choose to work with Meridian Audio due to our shared values. As a proud Meridian dealer, we agree with them that the best solutions are all about beauty in simplicity. It’s about eliminating all non-essential components to give the end user an elegant, easy-to-use, high-performance system.

It’s precisely this commitment to performance, beauty, and pragmatism that has made Meridian the go-to partner for luxury brands like Jaguar and Range Rover. Want to learn more about the company’s legendary design philosophy and how to bring its high-resolution audio into your Atlanta home? Keep reading below.

Design as a Form of Art

The director of The Design Museum, Stephen Bayley, defines design as a form of art meant to convey ideas, beliefs, and pleasure. When Allen Boothroyd founded Meridian Audio in 1977, he extended this definition to the world of high-resolution audio as well.

He was inspired by the London scene in the 1960’s when he kept seeing bulky, black audio products with endless knobs. It was then that he decided audio design deserved a better blend of aesthetics and function to not only make these products easier on the eye, but easier to manage as well.

The company created sleek models for all its components, ranging from pre-amps to its flagship loudspeakers. The company also simplified controls. Amplifiers and pre-amps have intuitive, visual sliders for all settings. Speakers simply allow users to adjust volume and choose what they want to hear.

Combining Form and Function

The perfect design — whether it’s a Blue vision smart home solution or a Meridian loudspeaker — manages to enhance functionality while improving aesthetics. For Meridian, a constant goal is authenticity in sound, and it has gone to great lengths in its designs to accomplish this.

One example has to do with the width of its loudspeakers. For psychoacoustic reasons, the company found that loudspeakers should have the same width as a human head on top, as this is the most familiar path for high-frequency dispersions.

To add stability and fit all the air needed within the speaker, it then has to be wider on the bottom. This results in the traditional Reference and High-Performance designs and an electronic sculpture that is as beautiful as it is powerful.

An Ongoing Commitment

As Boothroyd mentions in the video above, even as technology evolves, our ears remain the same. We’ll always know what great sound feels like. With that in mind and its design philosophy intact, Meridian Audio is prepared for anything that comes its way.

It has showcased that in its reaction to the digital revolution. For example, it was the first company to create digital active loudspeakers with built-in amplifiers and digital sign processing to deliver high-performance playback quality.
What Meridian Audio brings to high-end audio, Blue Vision offers for luxury smart home solutions. It’s all about bringing elegance, simplicity, and reliability to all projects. That is why we’re proud to be a Meridian dealer.

Want to enjoy the ultimate in luxury and high-performance audio? You can experience Meridian’s flagship products firsthand at our showroom.  Just call us at 404-835-7342 or email us at to schedule an appointment.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]

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