What Are the Best Technology Upgrades for Your Smart Home?

Crestron Offers the Ultimate in Smart Home Control

When people first enter the smart home industry, it can be daunting. There are just so many options. That’s what makes this technology so great.

So how do you know which are the right brands and products for your Atlanta, GA home? As with most services and products, you want to go with the industry leader.

That’s why all of our smart homes are Crestron smart homes. The company has been around the longest, offers the most comprehensive solutions, and is the most customizable.

We can build a home automation system that is unique to your family’s needs. The best part is Crestron is always innovating to help us better serve our clients.

As the biggest Crestron dealers in the South, these are the latest products from the automation giants that we’re eager to incorporate into our next projects.

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The Ultimate Handheld Remotes

While most people associate smart technology with apps, many of us still enjoy the comfort of the old-fashioned remote. Crestron is aware of that and this year released the brand-new HR-310 and TSR-310 models to match client demand better.

These remotes offer a variety of control options in a traditional format. You can stick primarily to physical buttons — which can be customized and engraved to your needs. The remote also incorporates some more high-tech options including motion sensors, touch screens, and voice control.

It is all packaged within a lightweight, sleek design that is ideal for any luxury setting.

An Upgraded Digital Experience

The company is also upgrading its Crestron Pyng platform used in dedicated touchpads or smart devices. From one intuitive interface, users can manage lights, security, entertainment, climate and more.

The most significant improvement has to do with video distribution. Using Crestron Pyng, you can now have full control of your displays and the content you want to see.

You can adjust video volume, group various rooms together, and create channel presets based on your area and cable provider.

As Crestron Elite Pro Partners, we can also add customized user profiles, so it’s easy for everyone to access their favorite settings.

A Stylistic Wall-Mounted Solution

Crestron also announced a new line of flush-mounted keypads that can come in a variety of finishes and include button back-lighting for added ease-of-use.

We can program and engrave the keypads to your liking, so you have easy access to the technology and smart home scenes you use most.

The Elegant Horizon line, which can include up to four keypads side-by-side, is ideal for rooms where you want quick access to a lot of commands, like a multi-purpose media room or entranceway.


Want to add one of these new features to your Crestron smart home? We can customize each solution to your family’s specific preferences and priorities.

Just reach out through our live chat at the bottom of the page.

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