How to Embrace the Power of Invisible Sound

A High-Quality Sonic Experience Without Ruining Your Luxury Space

Improving quality of life is a big priority for our clients throughout Alpharetta and the greater Atlanta area. No matter how beautiful your space, it’s ultimately its livability that will make it feel like a home. Designing the ultimate place of comfort usually requires a big focus on lighting, climate control, and security.

A feature that shouldn’t be overlooked is multi-room audio. New studies have shown that listening to music can reduce stress, enhance comfort, improve concentration, and even encourage exercise. The problem is that many clients forego access to music because they’re worried about the effect speakers could have on their interior décor.

Everyone deserves to enjoy music whether it’s to enhance their well-being or reconnect with their favorite albums. That’s why custom solutions are available for luxury homes in the form of discreet sound systems. For these systems, we partner with the same manufacturers used in the boutiques of some of the world’s most luxurious brands including Fendi, Gucci and Louis Vuitton.

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How Can You Accomplish Invisible Sound?

Before the advent of architectural or invisible speakers, homeowners settled for bulky standing loudspeakers or bookshelf speakers to enjoy their favorite music. Even with the most innovative interior design solutions, these could quickly take away from a home’s luxury feel.

Architectural speakers are one of the unique ways to incorporate your multi-room audio into your décor. They can be flush-mounted on the wall or ceiling with just a discreet grill showing. These are ideal for in-ceiling applications since round speakers can blend in with existing light fixtures.

Invisible speakers are entirely covered and painted over to match the surrounding wall. These speakers are specifically designed to get sound through their surface barrier without diminishing its power or clarity.

Why is Sonance the Best Option for Luxury Sound?

Sonance is known for consistently balancing form and function in its designs. Through its relationship with TRUFIG, you can enjoy expert flush-mount solutions. Below we highlight why they are the go-to brand for architectural and invisible speakers in high-end installations:

  • Architectural Series: With flush-mount installations and bezel-less grilles, they blend seamlessly into your walls or ceilings. The series’ Discreet Opening System is ideal for aligning perfectly with existing light fixtures while its medium speakers are best for high ceiling applications. With wide dispersal technology, you get evenly distributed sound throughout each room. You can install these architectural speakers in drywall, wood, and even stone.
  • Invisible Series: Placed neatly within the wall, these speakers offer breathtaking sonic performance with zero visual imprints. They can be finished over by the same surface as the surrounding ceiling or wall whether it’s drywall and paint, wallpaper, wood veneer, or even elegant plasters. Their aluminum framework ensures sound from the speakers doesn’t bleed into adjoining rooms.

You can fill your home with sound without cluttering your decor with these elegant multi-room audio solutions. For a custom installation or to learn more about our services, call us at (404) 835-7342 or reach out through our live chat.

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