Your Atlanta Home Theater Checklist

3 Keys to Creating the Perfect Environment for Home Entertainment


You may think that setting up a home theater in your Atlanta, GA home is pretty straightforward: large screen, surround sound, leather recliners. However, there are some technical aspects you need to consider. We also recommend you work with an audio/video expert like us to ensure you have everything you need for nothing less than stunning performance. Keep reading to see our home theater checklist.


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#1: Make sure you have true, native 4K, not just UHD picture.


While the media treats the terms “4K” and “UHD” synonymously, they actually have one main difference—the pixel count. True 4K has 4,096 pixels by 2,160 pixels – roughly four-thousand pixels horizontally. UHD is not the same as full 4K because it’s just under 4,000 pixels; it has 3,840 pixels wide by 2,160. Most of the TVs you see advertised as 4K are actually UHD. If you want full 4K native resolution, choose a quality projector from Sony or ask us to provide a true 4K smart TV.


In addition to picking a 4K projector, you’ll need a large screen and the right cables and sources to ensure the 4K is still produced. When you work with Blue Vision, you get the comfort of knowing all of these components will work together to produce the very best images on the screen.


#2 Ensure your surround sound system has 3D audio capabilities.


Setting up a surround sound system takes more than simply placing multiple speakers around the room so that you can hear the sound from different directions. While that may have worked in the past, today’s systems are built with 3D audio. How is that different? Well, 3D audio systems like Dolby Atmos can separate out pieces of audio into sound objects. Prior to this new technology, audio tracks were developed in two channels, left and right. Surround sound was able to add more tracks, but 3D audio can actually move sound objects in a three-dimensional space. Imagine hearing a plane flying overhead in a movie. The sound object will move from the speaker in the left corner of the room to the one on the back right. Or, if it rains for example, the speakers can recreate the sound so it’s more lifelike by moving the raindrops around the room. To enjoy 3D audio you need a system like Dolby Atmos and movies or shows that include the technology. Go onto the Dolby Atmos website and you can read a list of the latest movies that have been made in this format.


#3 Use professional acoustics to get the most out of your system.


After the system is set up, what else can you do to ensure it performs at its best? Acoustic treatments and adding other features to your room to improve the performance is a great choice. Acoustic panels, soundproof doors, and custom seating will help whatever you are watching sound better. We also recommend you install carpet if the room has tile or wood flooring since the hard surface can make the sound bounce around the room and create reverb. Any flat surface, even certain chairs can affect the acoustics in the room. We’ll help you make the right choices and can even get you in touch with interior designers to make the room look beautiful and sound great too.


To check off all these boxes, contact us online. We will help you set up the perfect home theater in your Atlanta home.




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