What Makes a Home Smart?

Learn About the 3 Main Fundamentals of Living in a Smart Home

Millions of people have been dreaming about the home of the future, and it’s finally here. But there are still some misconceptions about what a smart home really is and what it means to live a connected lifestyle. BlueVision is your local smart home provider in Atlanta, Georgia. Not only are we here to install a smart system and automate your home, but we can also answer any questions you have and make recommendations for your unique situation. Keep reading this blog to discover the three main keys to unlocking smart home automation on your property.

#1 All of your home’s components sync together.

A “do-it-yourself” type of smart home has some setbacks because all of the devices can’t sync up together. With our Crestron smart home system, your shades, lights, security system and more can all connect to the main control system and to each other so you can control them with one touch. Otherwise, you’d have to turn every device or light on and off with a different app or control device. With Crestron, you can press “Good Morning” and all the lights will turn on, the shades will open, and the TV will turn on the morning news.

#2 You have different options for controls.

The beauty of living in a smart home is that you have more options for controls. You can use a universal remote, a button on the wall, an app on your phone, or just your voice. Imagine coming home from work, walking in the door and saying, “Turn on Welcome Home” and immediately all the lights will turn on, the security system will disarm and your favorite music will start playing. If you’re on a business trip, you can access every feature using just one easy-to-use app. You’ll be able to lock and unlock doors, view surveillance footage, and manage the thermostat to help save energy while you’re away. The best part is you can customize any of these controls by creating scene sequences and saving your favorites for later use.

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#3 Your home is intelligent enough to proactively survey the property.

A smart home should first of all connect all of your devices and systems, secondly it should give you different options for convenient controls, and lastly it should be proactive by alerting you to potential threats and problems. For example, your smart home will send you an alert when a door is left unlocked, a security camera detects a person has entered your backyard, or when there is smoke in the living room. Not only do these features help protect your Atlanta household but they also keep you aware of what’s going on at home—like if your teenage daughter is sick with cold or your dog is hanging out in the kitchen. Besides getting alerts sent to your phone via text messaging or email, your smart home system can track energy efficiency and make recommendations for temperature settings, lighting levels and more.

Is you home this smart? Contact us online to get a brand new smart home or ask us any questions.

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