How to Create a Multi-purpose Media Room

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Home theater trends are constantly changing. Every year new products and systems come into the market and some sky rocket while others fade into the background. One trend that is quite popular right now is to transform your living room or den into a multipurpose media room instead of a traditional dedicated home theater. While reserving a room for watching movies and playing video games is ideal in many ways, a multi-purpose room can be just as functional—even more in a lot of instances. Keep reading to discover how to create a multi-purpose media room in your own Atlanta, Georgia home with an audio video installation.


Hide Your Technology


To get the most use out of your living room, you’re going to need to hide the technology or at least place it in strategic locations. For example, installing speakers in the walls and ceilings will give you more room for décor, storage, or other activities. If you like having friends and family over, it would also be a good idea to either hang a mirror TV or use a motorized lift to hide it in the ceiling. That way it’s only displayed when you want to watch TV or a movie. A projector and screen need not only serve the purpose of home entertainment. Rather, you could also project a beautiful landscape image on the wall as artwork. All you need is a big wall to showcase the screen and a discreet area to install the projector. Our team will design a media room so you can have all the technology you want and still maintain a beautiful interior design.


Expand Your Entertainment Options


We all want options when it comes to entertainment because we have different tastes. If you want to watch Blu-rays, stream movies on Netflix or Hulu, and also enjoy cable television you need different pieces of equipment to support those different formats. But you end up with multiple remote controls, which can create confusion. Blue Vision doesn’t offer just any universal remote control—but an entire whole home solution to organize and streamline your entertainment. You’ll be able to easily switch sources and rooms using one interface on a tablet or remote control. Not only will you be able to quickly browse through hundreds of options, but you’ll also be able to change your environment to create the right atmosphere for enjoying your favorite programs. Crestron’s remotes give you the ability to change channels, adjust the thermostat, and dim the lighting using one device.


By hiding your technology and installing a whole house audio/video system, you’ll be able to create a multipurpose media room the entire family can enjoy. For more information on our services, give us a call at 404-835-7342.



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