Protecting What Matters Most

When most people think of home automation, the initial focus is usually on the more well-known applications such as whole-house audio, distributed video systems, media rooms, video walls and lighting control.

While these systems are definitely a central part of any home automation system, we wanted to shine a light on an important system that might not always be front-and-center in people’s minds –but in our opinion should be– and that is home security.

While it isn’t the most exciting topic to discuss, integrating security into your home automation system is something that should be near the top of anyone’s automation list. Sure, we can all agree that 110″ inch film screens and 4K projectors are sexy, but when you think about a fully integrated home, security should always be a large part of that equation.

At BlueVision, we’ve been integrating home security systems for many years, and as security technology advances, we have endeavored to keep in step with all of the advancements in the home security space. Over the years, we have seen many products come to market that purport to be the next greatest thing, many products that claim to seamlessly integrate into any existing home security system and some that merely stick to walls or doors. While some of these products are functional and some others do, in fact, work as advertised, when it comes to augmenting your integrated home system with home security functionality, we feel it is crucial to select the absolute best products, not just the convenient ones.

Over the years, we have become intimately familiar with the technology that typically drives automated security systems, but every now and then, something comes into the marketplace that truly makes us look twice. Such is the case with Avigilon, a manufacturer of video analytics, video software and hardware. Avigilon has developed an incredible line of security cameras that are truly changing the home security landscape, and BlueVison is proud to say that we are a believer in this product line, and we feel strongly that once you see how amazing it is, you will feel the same way.

We can all agree that security systems are important to have, but one drawback has always been that while they can alert us to unlocked doors and open zones, in many ways, they have always been rather passive systems. They wait for something to happen, they report it and they document it.

As important as it is to know if a basement window or door has been breached, what if your security system could identify the potential for such a situation and alert you that this potential existed?

Would that warning neutralize a situation like that? Perhaps not, but it would definitely provide you some precious time that could be used to identify the problem, contact help or take steps to ameliorate the threat. At a minimum, this kind of preemptive warning could be the difference between being totally surprised by a situation and being prepared for it. It’s not as far-fetched as you might expect, in fact, these options are currently available.

Avigilon cameras are among the finest cameras in the business, and their product line is incredibly versatile. From discreet, in-ceiling cameras to cutting-edge 4K camera systems, Avigilon has a product that is perfect for any size application. Avigilon products offer incredible image-quality, robust controls, reliable network connectivity and they are designed to not only document and monitor your home, but also to proactively secure it. Avigilon offers customers the ability to integrate smart video functionality that can “self-train” to identify all potential risks before they occur, thus providing the homeowner with valuable time and critical information. It is this area that Avigilon sets itself apart from all others. The power and flexibility of this type of system is immense and the peace of mind that it offers clients is invaluable.

The security of your home and your family is the most important consideration when shopping for security technologies, and as an expert in integrated home security, BlueVision offers these amazing Avigilon products to all of our clients.

We would love the opportunity to show you how this exceptional technology can help you protect what matters most.

Be sure to check back with us soon, we will soon have our Avigilon Security and Surveillance demo available at our showroom.

Stay tuned!

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