The Art of Hidden Technology

With BlueVision, customers are no longer forced to sacrifice their home décor to install a cutting-edge automation system. Because of our relationships with the home automation industry’s leading innovators, BlueVision is able to offer clients a wide variety of unique and beautiful solutions for nearly any situation that can arise in a home automation integration.

During the initial design phase of a project, some clients express an interest in minimizing the visibility of their newly installed technology. Some clients have concerns that their young children can inadvertently interact with control panels, expensive components, TV’s or unsightly system wiring. In some cases, clients simply do not wish to have televisions, film screens or system components visible in the room at all.

When concerns like these arise, it is critical that the clients integration partner be aware of the many products currently available in the hidden technology marketplace. From custom furniture pieces that house large screens, in-ceiling lifts and mounts to ingenious vanishing mirrors and TV artwork solutions, there are a wide variety of products available that are as individually unique as they are beautiful.

BlueVision has worked with the biggest names in the hidden technology industry (such as: Seura, Inca lifts, Salamander Designs and Trufig just to name a few), and for many years we have had the opportunity to deploy many of these exciting products in our automation projects.

At BlueVision, 100% customer satisfaction is our primary goal and we are proud to say that we only work with the best products and manufacturers in the industry. As such, we can guarantee that a BlueVision home automation system will not only be perfect, but that the technology we use will be beautiful, discreet or if desired, completely hidden.

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