Take Your Outdoor Entertainment to the Next Level

Spring is here and summer is just around the corner, making today the perfect time to prepare your outdoor space for relaxation and entertainment. Adding televisions, speakers, or a full theater system to your outdoor living spaces can truly take your outdoor entertainment to the next level. At BlueVison, we combine technology and convenience to deliver a unique outdoor entertainment experience for each of our clients.


Listen Up: Outdoor Audio

Paying attention to the unique challenges presented in your outdoor space, you will want to create multiple audio zones. These zones will allow sound to cover your entire outdoor space, with the ability to control specific areas. Outdoor speakers are available in a variety of mounting choices for flexible placement, including ground stakes and tree-mount kits. As for speaker styles, many outdoor speakers are designed to blend into your landscape as lights, rocks, flower pots, etc.). A professional installer can integrate speakers throughout your yard to ensure evenly distributed sound.


What to Watch: Outdoor Video

Adding video elements to your outdoor space means you can enjoy a movie, cheer on your favorite sports team, or binge watch your favorite show while enjoying the fresh air. Unfortunately, one of the biggest mistakes homeowners make when creating an outdoor entertaining space is not using the correct equipment. Be sure to use televisions that are specifically designed for outdoor use since these televisions are brighter, more rugged, contain antiglare properties, and can withstand harsh Georgia heat and cold. BlueVision video professionals can pair ultra high definition televisions, specialty displays, media lifts, cutting edge projectors, and waterproof displays to multiple video sources and hidden technologies, creating a fully customized outdoor video distribution experience.



How you control your audio and video is just as important as the equipment and layout. Manually adjusting the volume on each speaker or juggling different remotes for each TV and audio source is not convenient. Automating your entertainment systems allows you to manage them all right from your smartphone or tablet.


Unique Solutions for Every Space

Furniture locations, water and landscape features, and many other factors can impact your outdoor entertainment options. Our audio/video experts will fully evaluate your space and offer expert advice on how you can create your best entertainment experience. At BlueVision we design custom audio and video systems for each of our clients by meticulously combining desired functionality with perfect equipment from our impressive line of products, including Coastal Source speakers, Samsung “Terrace” televisions, and more. Our experienced professionals will then balance the design and size of your available space, budget, source(s), user preferences, and desires to create a customized system that performs exactly as you wish for it to perform.


Bring Your Outdoor Space to Life with BlueVision

Gather your family to watch your favorite TV shows and movies, invite your friends over to cheer on your favorite sports team, or relax and listen to your favorite tunes—all in the comfort of your own backyard. Drawing on over 50 years of combined experience, BlueVision professionals can help you create a robust audio and video system inside and outside of your home. Let us help you add a level of luxury to your outdoor space, call (404) 835-7342 today.









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