Home Theaters Are Hotter Than Ever!

The home theater experience has increased in terms of comfort, convenience, and content in recent years, making watching movies at home on par or even better than going to the movie theater. Already popular, home theaters have also seen a surge in demand over the last year due to health and safety restrictions closing most commercial movie theaters.


Comfort, convenience, and content

Having your own home theater means you don’t have to deal with the hassles of parking, ticket purchasing, standing in line for snacks, and finding a good seat before watching a movie. You can curl up in the comfort of your own home—without even changing out of your pajamas! Content is the real star of the home theater show with the main streaming services (Amazon Prime, Netflix, Hulu, Disney+, etc.) expanding their offerings each month and new streaming services popping up every day. Add BluRay movies, video gaming, and conventional cable TV and your content options are endless.


Screens: Big, Bold…8K?

You’ll want to be sure your screen is big enough to give you the full movie theater experience and when in doubt you should probably go bigger. The minimum distance requirement for an 85″ 4K screen is less than 10 feet, making it suitable for almost any sized home theater. You should also consider updating from a 4K industry standard screen to one that offers 8K resolution. The higher level of PPI offers a crisper display and streaming services will quickly be transferring to this resolution level to offer users the ultimate viewing experience.


Surround Sound Equipment

Sound is crucial to the movie theater experience. To be sure your home theater offers the best audio experience you’ll want to integrate speakers, surround sound, and sound bars that offer top of the line sound while also having the ability to connect with your technology (wi-fi, devices, and voice control). A custom created speaker system will also allow you to more fully enjoy your other media like music and workout videos.


Lighting Solutions

Lighting control is important in a home theater. You want enough light to get settled in or to see well for clean-ups, but you also want to be able to totally eliminate light during a movie for a fully immersive experience. Remote or voice controlled motorized shading offers the ultimate lighting solution. Incorporate the highest quality technology and products, such as motorized drapery tracks, Crestron Quiet Motor Technology, and amazing options from Crestron, Lutron, and Hartman & Forbes, to be sure your lighting solutions are just as cutting-edge as the rest of your home theater’s technology.


Choose BlueVision

BlueVision home theater professionals can deliver the dynamic commercial cinema experience into the privacy and comfort of your Atlanta home. Let us create your perfect, custom-tailored home theater equipped with hi-definition laser projectors, cinema quality film screens, 3D video, incredible surround sound systems, specialty home cinema lighting, and luxurious theater seating from the top brands and manufacturers. Call (404) 835-7342 or connect with us online to request a consultation today.


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