Upgrade Your Home’s Technology in Time for the Holidays

Fall has arrived which means the holidays are fast approaching. Whether you plan to travel or stay home during the holiday season, you and your home could benefit from a few technology upgrades. Whether you’re interested in upgrading your Wi-Fi network for better coverage and faster speed or whole home integration of all of the latest technologies, BlueVision has got you covered.

Theaters & TVs: ’Tis the Season for Television

Does fall mean it is football watching season in your home? Does your family love gathering to watch holiday movies? Are you ready to take your action movie watching experience to the next level? As the cooler weather brings everyone indoors, it also tends to mean more time spent around the television. From creating a full home theater equipped with Hi-Definition laser projectors, cinema quality film screens, 3D video, incredible surround sound systems, specialty home cinema lighting and luxurious theater seating, to simply upgrading your current televisions, speakers, or remotes, BlueVision can completely transform your viewing experience with the right technology.

Lighting: Don’t Let the Long, Dark Days Get You Down

The long fall and winter evenings mean your home’s lighting is more important than ever. Human centric (or circadian) lighting can be integrated to add the appearance and feel of natural sunlight in a space, to mimic the sun’s natural path throughout a home, and to reduce artificial blue light in the evenings to prevent negative impacts on sleep. Lighting control systems also have a meaningful impact on the environment and your energy savings in addition to providing a sense of comfort and ambiance.

Climate Control: Keep it Comfortable

Don’t tinker with your thermostat trying to keep all areas of your home warm this fall and winter. A BlueVision automated climate control system can regulate temperature and humidity levels to always ensure total comfort. From multi-zone climate systems, multi-stage heating systems, to cutting edge “green” technology, BlueVision can create a customized climate control system for your home.

Shading Solutions: Privacy and Sunlight Control

Does sunlight glare on your television drive you crazy? Do you wish you didn’t have to manually open all your shades in the morning and then close them all again every night? BlueVision offers shade control solutions that take security, comfort, home décor, and energy efficiency to the next level.

Security and Surveillance: Safety When You Are and Aren’t at Home 

Between the idea of a bounty of gifts under a Christmas tree or the fact that many homes are empty while families travel, home burglaries are always prevalent around the holidays. A comprehensive home security system can protect you and your family when you are at home and protect your house and belongings while you travel this holiday season. No matter your plans, make sure your home is well protected this season and all year long.

Upgrade Your Home’s Technology for the Holidays! Call BlueVision Today

Are you ready to make the holidays happier, safer, and more comfortable this year? BlueVisioncan create a customized experience just for you. Call us at (404) 330-9252 or visit our showroom today!

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