The Superior Choice: BlueVision Home Theaters

Don’t settle for a bedroom that has simply been dedicated as a TV room or a small alcove where you and your family plays video games—create a home entertainment destination! Enjoy gaming, sporting events, movies and more in your BlueVision home theater. Our talented and experienced home theater professionals can help you create your own customized home theater experience complete with top of the line productsand cutting edge technologies. From hi-definition video projectors, cinema quality film screens, and 3D video to incredible surround sound systems, specialty home cinema lighting, and luxurious theater seating, BlueVisionwill merge technology and entertainment to create the home theater of your dreams. We focus on carefully balancing the design and size of your available space, paying meticulous attention to sound and acoustics. We will consider every available option and detail, including the shape of the room, size of the speakers, and placement of furniture/décor to ensure that your home theatre functions at the highest possible level and to your specific needs.

Additional Automation Services

In addition to our expertise with home cinemas we offer a variety of other automation services designed to simplify and enhance your lifestyle including lighting and automated shade solutions; security and surveillance; and systems for climate control, control, and whole home audio. Whether you want to view your surveillance cameras, adjust the temperature, play music, watch a movie, or lock your doors (from the other side of the world if you like) BlueVision’s simple interface systems allow you to control everything with the touch of a button on your smartphone or iPad.

Trust the Best for Your Home Theater: Partner with the Experts at BlueVision

BlueVision provides a variety of customized living experiences through the use of home automation technologies for the most discerning clients in Atlanta. Our team is dedicated to offering the best quality products, the highest level of service available, and we are truly passionate about our craft. With over 15 years of experience in Atlanta and across the USA, the BlueVision team members are some of the most sought after master programmers and design engineers in the country. Our portfolio includes multi-million dollar estates and luxury yachts, and projects for Fortune 500 CEOs, professional athletes, and renowned recording artists. Choose the absolute best when creating your home theater experience—contact the home theater professionals at BlueVision at (404) 835-7342 or

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