Experience BlueVision Automation at Avalon

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Discover the Lifestyle you deserve

Of the many projects that we have worked on, and of the many relationships we have developed over the years, our current working relationship with Monte Hewett Homes has proven to be one of the most rewarding experiences to date.

It isn’t everyday that an organization is fortunate enough to align themselves with true craftsman, so when BlueVision was afforded just such an opportunity to work alongside Monte Hewett Homes on their Avalon community, we jumped at the chance.

The New Live, Work, Play community at Avalon is not only a breathtaking example of craftsmanship but also the very definition of excellence in new home construction.

The professionals at Monte Hewett Homes have developed an incredible property that will quickly become THE place to live in the Metro Atlanta area. Avalon possesses a seemingly endless amount of appeal and its eclectic mix of shopping, recreation and cuisine all combine to create an exceptional place to call home.

BlueVision is proud to have been afforded the opportunity to add to this amazing environment by designing and installing a custom automation system for the latest model home at Avalon.

This demo system features robust lighting and climate control, integrated security system and a whole-home distributed audio and video system. Additionally, this system features an outdoor audio system and a home surveillance system all controlled by in-wall touch-panels located throughout the home.

We invite everyone to stop by the Avalon community and take a tour of their magnificent new model home, and while you’re there, take some time to experience BlueVision home automation in person.

We are certain that once you have the opportunity to discover BlueVision technology in this setting, you will see that BlueVision home automation truly is technology that will simplify and enhance your life.
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Schedule An Appointment Today!

We look forward to seeing you at Avalon. To schedule a guided tour of this new automated system, Please use the form below.


For more information about Avalon by Monte Hewett Homes, please visit their website.

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