A well-designed home cinema makes you forget where you are sitting and immerses you into the movie

Home Theaters East Cobb

We specialize in customized, elegant home theaters and can install a custom home theater in your home today.

Enjoying a feature film at the neighborhood multiplex isn’t just about the movie, it’s about the entire cinematic experience. At BlueVision, our home theater professionals can bring that dynamic theater experience into the privacy and comfort of your own Atlanta home. From art film aficionados to die-hard action movie lovers, BlueVision can help homeowners dial in the perfect, custom-tailored experience. With Hi-Definition laser projectors, cinema quality film screens, 3D video, incredible surround sound systems, specialty home cinema lighting and luxurious theater seating, the only thing missing in your new home theater will be ticket taker.

By carefully considering each and every available option for your Atlanta dedicated home theatre, BlueVision’s experienced home theatre professionals will balance the design and size of your available space; meticulously combining the desired functionality with the perfect equipment from our impressive line of home theatre products. From Ultra High Definition TV’s and cutting edge video projectors to waterproof displays and hidden technologies, BlueVision has the best option for any situation.

It truly is the little things that will make the most difference between a theatre and just another place to watch a movie. At BlueVision, our audio/video professionals pay strict attention to even the most minute details to ensure that your home theatre functions at the highest possible level.


People who love motion pictures often prefer projection screens because they want to enjoy the best possible picture—accurate vibrant color, sharp contrast, and rich detail — in a home cinema that matches a traditional theater setting as closely as possible. For home cinemas equipped with video projectors, there are a wide array of film screen options available. Don’t make an incorrect choice, let the professionals at BlueVision help you decide which screen is the best fit for your space.

Fixed Screen

Fixed screen film screens, where the screen is fitted into a frame and then physically attached to the wall is an excellent solution for those who have a dedicated home cinema. Because the screen is affixed to a frame and then secured to a dedicated wall, they tend to stay more tautly stretched and thus, they can produce more accurate pictures.

Retractable Screens

Roll-away screens are a great solution for people trying to accommodate a home cinema setup in a room that also gets used for other activities, such as a living room. The most basic of these screens sit on a roller attached to, or hidden in, the ceiling and the user has to manually pull the screen down when needed. Additionally, motorized roll-down screens are also a great choice, and depending on the setup employeed, the screen and the projector can be programmed in such a way that the screen lowers when the projector is turned on.


For the film enthusiast, or for those with a desire to create a traditional movie viewing experience in their own personal home cinema, video projectors are an essential piece of the puzzle. From standard HD projectors to the newest 4K projectors packed with the latest image reproduction technology, the choices are seemingly limitless. There are many things to consider when selecting the right projector for your Atlanta dedicated home theater, at BlueVision, our home cinema professionals can help you select the perfect projector for your particular application.


Ultra-Short Throw 4K HDR Home Theater Projector

The VPL-VZ1000ES has been designed with flexible installation in mind. Place the projector right next to a wall and you’ll enjoy a beautiful 80″ (diagonal) display; move the projector 8.3″ away from the wall and this screen size increases to a huge 120″. So whether it’s placed on the floor, mounted on the ceiling or used for rear projection, you can be sure that you’ll always see the big picture.

Wolf Cinema

Single Chip DLP® With Advanced LED Light Engine

Imagine years of 2D and 3D viewing excellence and never having to endure a fading image, or change out a projector lamp! The Wolf Cinema SDC-25 “lamp-less” home cinema projector and cutting-edge ProScaler MK II video processor provide some of today’s most advanced imaging performances, available anywhere and at any price.

The projector’s light engine and precision optics deliver razor sharp images via its single 1920 x 1080 (1080p) DLP chip set from Texas Instruments. But unlike most other single-chip projection platforms, the SDC-25 has eliminated the traditional UHP lamp and color wheel: this projector produces an image via three separate RGB (red, green, blue) high-current light emitting diodes (LEDs). These LED emitter panels are superbly efficient light sources, with an extremely wide color gamut that exceeds today’s HD standards by 20%.


Barco F22 High-performance single-chip DLP projector
1080p, SXGA+ or WUXGA resolution up to 3,300 lumens

10-bit color processing, Real Color™ technology
Fully networkable with remote asset management capabilities
Various installation configurations including portrait mode

The F22-series is the ultimate compact performance projector for technically challenging and demanding applications. Providing world-class technology, a functional and innovative design, the F22 delivers an unmatched level of performance, reliability, automation and customization


Barco HDX-W18

18,000 lumens, WUXGA, 3-chip DLP projector

Flexible brightness through light-on-demand option
Compact and sturdy design
Active 3D, quick preview, and wireless control

Barco’s compact and powerful HDX-W18 projector combines full source flexibility with ImagePRO scaling capabilities. Thanks to its Xenon illumination and high contrast optical engine this 3-chip DLP projector reproduces rich colors, presenting audiences with crisp and vivid images on every occasion. What’s more, the simple user interface allows you to set up the projector in no time. Finally, the HDX-W18 offers easy control through smartphones and tablet computers.


No single element can enhance an already perfect cinema “feel” than cinema style seating. There is little that can compare to the comfort and pleasure of watching a film while enjoying the comfort that comes with cinema-style seats. Elevate your entertainment experience in your Atlanta dedicated home theater from individual loungers to full rows of cinema seats. BlueVision offers a full line of cinema-style seating that will take your home cinema project to the next level.

Club Style Seat

The club chair presents a new interpretation of a club chair design, combining cutting-edge technology with the ultimate in craftsmanship and luxury materials used. The chair features a motorized footrest which allows one to adjust the position of the footrest while enjoying ergonomic comfort in the seat and backrest. The design of the chair features a wooden design element on the armrests and back of the chair, which will be available in a variety of standard wood types and colors and if needed can be customized to match any particular custom wood type/color.

Modular Style Seating

The shape of this sofa is defined by firm leather upholstery along the outside of the seats. Due to its modularity, numerous seating layouts can be created by combining elements.

The straight wooden parts accentuate the unique shapes of the product and are available in different finishes such as RAL painted, custom wood veneers and CINEAK’s exclusive high-gloss “tiger-eye” finish.

The inner armrests feature a recessed back-lit in-lay table, which can be used to place drinks, snacks, touch panels, etc.

The inlay table is available in frosted glass and in Carrera or Crema Valentia marble.The highly comfortable cushions consist of a mix of foam flakes and down feathers.

Private Cinema Seating

The Reclining theater chair was created for the most luxurious home theater. It’s concept is unique in many aspects and the design combines leather upholstery, varying stitching finishes, ergonomic contours, real wood veneer and an independently controlled reclining mechanism. The chair was designed by the Mitra Theaters team as a seating solution for their exclusive high-end home theater projects.

Careful attention has been paid to the overall comfort of this chair. Ergonomics have been thorougly studied during the design and development process. High quality foam with different densities in combination with zigzag seating support and webbed backrest support are used to create a comfortable and soft feel which maintains a proper balance for ones body.


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