Home Theater Systems

BlueVision’s home theater system can create the perfect, custom-tailored home theater for you. Whether you’re into the latest action film or the newest award winning indie film, it’s all about the experience! BlueVision’s custom home theater installation will bring you the big cinema experience from the comfort of your Atlanta home.

When it comes to immersion, the atmosphere is half the battle! We start with specialty home cinema lighting to set the tone. Our specialty lighting set-ups provide the mood and ambience of a classic cinema or give your home theater a classy and sleek feel to match your taste. We add luxurious theater seating to give the ‘more than home’ comfort that makes the experience feel special. Industry quality surround sound systems top it off by pulling you into the action by letting you feel every nuance of the film.

It is said that seeing is believing so we only offer the highest quality cinema equipment that’ll make you really buy into the film. Hi-definition laser projectors deliver a crisp and clear visual that brings out your favorite cinematograph and cinema quality film screens that perfectly capture that image. Want to really bring yourself into the action? Try out 3D-video technology to bring that Imax experience home.

We specialize in not only installing a quality product, but designing a theater that will completely maximize every aspect of your experience. You have a unique taste and your home theater should reflect that! Are you a classic cinephile? Let us make your home theater feel like a night out at the multiplex. Are you a sports fan? Let’s turn your theater into a man cave! Whatever your taste, BlueVision delivers luxury and elegance without compromise.