Distributed Audio & Video

Stream from any source, to any room, any time. With BlueVision’s home entertainment system, streaming solutions are all seamlessly integrated into a central distribution point in the home, resulting in a robust home entertainment system that can be used anywhere in the house. This means that you will never miss a beat of the action, no matter where you are in your home.

Play your favorite album through the stereo system in the living room and then easily continue from your bedroom, kitchen, or anywhere else. With our distributed audio and video system you can easily have the big game playing in any room you have guests so they never miss a play. Whether it’s TV, movies, music, or your favorite podcast, we make sure you enjoy it from anywhere.

With BlueVision’s home entertainment system, you don’t have to sacrifice quality for convenience either. Only settle for the highest quality stereo systems, hi-resolution video, and quick and simply playback throughout the home. BlueVision uses audio brands like Sonos, Heos, Monitor Audio, Meridian Audio and more to ensure only the most clear and powerful audio experience. When it comes to video, BlueVision only trusts Song, Samsung, & LG TVs for our video integrations and Sony, Barco, and Epson for our home theater projectors.

Worried about unsightly cords, wires, and screens? BlueVision uses Leon, Seura, and VisionArt hidden technologies to discreetly hide large screens and speakers throughout the house. For example, an elegant painting on the wall of the dining room could transform into a television screen with the click of a button. At BlueVision we commit to luxury and elegance without compromise. Especially when it comes to your home entertainment. Automate your Atlanta home entertainment system by using state-of-the-art distribution equipment to seamlessly stream your favorite media anywhere in your home.